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FIAR 2022

20 year Special Edition Connecting opportunities to feed the world
A meeting point where the best opportunitiesfor growth are fed
The Feria Internacional de la Alimentación Rosario connects the yearningfor growth of the Argentine food industry with the main markets around the world. It connects talent, productive wealth, innovative work and the quality associated to Argentine food with anexponentially growing demand to supply a world population that will reach 9 billion in 30 years. The fair was created in 1998 by the Municipality of Rosario and the local Business Association. With 10 editions to its credit, it has become the most important event of its kind in Latin America,articulating the interests of the public sector, institutions, companies, producers and consumers. More than 400 thousand people have visited it since its creation. FIAR provides a great opportunity to do business and it is a center of international relevance for exhibiting, trading and marketing products and food services. Celebrating 20 years of ongoing work, the 2019edition will be more international than ever. FIAR is putting together an agenda that will focus on including more buyers from abroad. Thus, all the productive power of the Argentine food sector will be brought on the scene of the main world markets. Who are exhibiting? From Rosario, Santa Feprovince, the core of one of the most productive areas of Argentina, FIAR opens the doors to the world and links the value chains associated with food production -inputs, services, logistics, marketing- with buyers and also exhibitors from the five continents. In the last editionthere were 600 exhibitors. Open to the world. After 10 editions, FIAR has become one of the pillars that promotes and drives Rosario and its region to the world. The fair is a joint effortundertaken by the Municipality of Rosario, the local Business Association, the Province of Santa Fe, industries, businesses and citizens. This model of public-private management has been taken as an example in other cities around the world. ROSARIO A city full of talent and productive wealth. FIAR takes place in Rosario city, Santa Fe, Argentina, the most important agri-food hub in South America, axis of the bi-oceanic corridor and scientific & technological center in the region. Rosario revealsmany strengths. On the one hand, its strategic location and its cultural, sporting and touristic mark. On the other, its constantly growing economy fostered byits industrial, commercial and service development. With a population of over 1 million inhabitants, the Gran Rosario region has secured a working methodology in which governmental, economic, social and political actors have come together to attract investments and to promote the development of industry, trade, tourism and international events. Rosario is one of the most developed cities in Argentina. It generates the largest amount of private employment in the country with about 40,000 production facilities and around 600 thousand employed people.The production of food and beverages is the second most important industry in the city in terms of turnover. It represents 23% of the total industrial turnover and 21% of the amount of industrial premises. The industrial turnover participation rises to about 25% if the historical productive chain, including machinery suppliers, is considered. Rosario is responsible for about 47% of the Gross Geographic Product of Santa Fe province and of 3% of the National Gross Domestic Product. In addition,62% of Santa Fe industrial premises are located in the city. Rosario also generates 53% of the employment ofthe province. So Rosarino. FIAR is part of Rosario. Those citizens who have contributed to its developmentfeel it as their own and identify withits objectives. The work developed over 20 years has allowed building this closeness. ROSARIOMETROPOLITANA A key region for global food production Argentina is one of the few countries capable of providing food security to their population and at the same time having a leading rolein food security in the world. Rosario Metropolitana is a strategic production center that is driving the development of this industry, taking on the challenge of expanding borders. Rosario concentrates more than 80% of the Argentine exports of oils, grains and by-products along 70 kilometers of coastline on the waterway.Its more than 30 port terminals dedicated to solid bulks, liquids and general products represent 30% of the national cargo movement in the country. Rosario Metropolitana is an urban conglomerate located geographically to the South of Santa Fe province, in the core zone of the Argentine Republic. It is crossed by two important logistical axes, the North-South and the East-West that connect the whole Argentina and the MERCOSUR countries. The creation of the Metropolitan Coordination Entity (Ente de CoordinaciónMetropolitana, ECOM)in 2010, by voluntary association of several municipalities and districts surrounding the city of Rosario, has allowed to provide greater institutionalism to the Metropolitan Area of Rosario and to consolidate a strategic planning process that started in the city 20 years ago. FIAR 2019 Ready for more Driven by the results of previous editions, we are preparing for FIAR 2019 to open more and more doors into the world of food production and to generate beneficial and lasting connections for businessmen, professionals and entrepreneurs from different latitudes. FIAR 2019 will also be a reflection of the evolution of the industry and a space for training and reflection. FIAR 2019 will bring new opportunities. It will encourage valuable commercial links in a reliable space. During the last edition 3,500 international and national business meetings were held, and everlasting commercial relationships were created. In this edition we will include new strategic buyers for Argentine products. FIAR 2019 will bring the future.  Our visitors know that FIAR is a window open to the future to see the advances in tools and technologies that will add benefit to the production and commercialization of food. FIAR 2019 will analyze trends. Main actors that investigate the ways of industry, commerce and consumer preferences will share their knowledge in exclusive talks, workshops and seminars. FIAR 2019 will be enjoyed with the five senses.  10 thematic rooms (including Gourmet Hall, Americarne, Panificado, Vinalterra and Dry Pasta) will multiply experiences for all tastes: wine tastings, tastings of local and foreign flavors, competitions and technology exhibitions are part of the activities that will attract the general public. Also great personalities of the world of gastronomy will offer their master classes. A story of shared growth and achievements Since 1998, and through its 10 editions, the Feria Internacional de la Alimentación Rosario has become a unique event to exhibit technology, processes and top-level equipment and to initiate very good business opportunities.  The sustainable growth over the years has increased the benefits for all the actors involved. 1- 1998 Held from October 21 to 25, at Patio de la Madera Exhibition Center. The exhibition area was 3,000 m2. The Fair had 4 rooms: Food, Machinery, Packaging and Services. 2 -2000 The second edition took place at Patio de la MaderaExhibition Center,this time with 3,500 m2 and maintaining the 4 exhibition halls. 3 – 2003 The third edition was held atParqueIndependencia Fair Groundsand the exhibition area was 12,500 m2. 4- 2005 AtParqueIndependencia Fair Grounds, the surface grew to 18,000 m2.  The spaces were four: Food, Americarne, Vinalterra and Machinery. 5- 2007 The fair took other dimensions atParqueIndependencia: 22,000 m2. This time, some themes of the salons were modified: Americarne, Vinalterra, Gourmet and Bakery Hall. There were 600 exhibitors, 22 countries with their own stands and 350 international visitors. 6- 2009 FIAR moved to theMetropolitano Convention Center. The occupied surface increased to 24,000 m2. Gourmet Lounge, Americarne, Bakeries, Vinalterra and Dry Pasta. There were 400 stands, anInternational Business Roundtable on Food Technology, Food and Beverage: 500 interviews, 30 foreign buyers from 12 countries and more than 200 local and regional companies. 7 – 2011 FIAR retained the characteristics of the previous edition. 12 thousand professional visitors participated out of a total of 45 thousand attendees. In addition, 300 interviews were carried out at the international business roundtables, with 15 buyers from abroad. 8- 2013 More than 600 exhibitors, 45,000 visitors and important operators from 22 countries in Asia, North America, the European Union and MERCOSUR met. 9 – 2015 For the ninth edition of the fair the 24,000 m2 of exhibition were maintained, 100 local companies were registered, and there came 14 foreign buyers from countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Algeria. There were 7 thematic rooms, 600 exhibitors, 2 instances of international business roundtables and a very dynamic national roundtable. 10- 2017 The tenth edition took place from April 26 to 29, 2017. It had more than 600 exhibitors distributed in 24,000 m2. More than 3,500 business meetings were held in roundtables with an international and national profile. There were entrepreneurs from Italy, Lithuania, Peru, South Korea, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, Chile and Poland, among other countries. More than 40 thousand visitors attended the Fair with its 10 thematic rooms and participated in its talks and product presentations, as well as the Forum of Food Industry. Contratapa In our last edition we achieved:
  • 3500 international and national business meetings
  • 40 thousand visitors
  • 600 exhibitors
  • 10 thematic rooms
  • 24 thousand m2 engaged
We are already working to make FIAR 2019 even greater. Because in each new edition we grow, and opportunities multiply for those who attend.